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Yesterday I was invited to be a guest on Steve Jones' show. I was so excited. But when I showed up the news had just broke about Chester Benningtons death, which was just so incredibly sad, and the whole studio was just in a really bad way. I didn't really know how to act. By some way Jonesy and I would go on to have this amazing show and I saw the whole room switch while I was there. Talking about music and just life. It was comforting, it was real. I would always listen to him when I was working my shit job and he would always make my day a little better, I left there thinking maybe I made somebody's day a little better. And it made me happy. My favorite part was when Jonesy and I played "Plastic Jesus" together. I'll remember that forever. X. Mc. #sexpistols @mr_shovel @jonesysjukebox



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