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Bear with me. A year ago I was challenged with the overwhelming task of putting together a live show for songs that had never been played before. I had no idea how to do this. James Gordon singlehandedly put together this live show. He guided the sound that I created in my head and delivered it to the stage. I am saddened to say that James and his incredible wife Joani are off to better things, and the remaining shows this year will be James’ last with us. He has been my right hand for through one of the most intense years of my life. You can't imagine the year we had and what he had to put up with. Never once did he complain. Never once did he say 'No' to the thousands of things I asked of him. I'm tearing up writing this. Thank you James. My band is better for having you, and I am a better person for knowing you. X. J



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